Choosing The Right Benching Products For Your Updated Workspace

The key to an organized office environment means having the appropriate furniture in place to optimize the flow and efficiency of the team working within it. Desking and Benching Systems go a long way towards providing organizational benefits, without interrupting communication or workflow between employees. fluidconcepts takes the notion of Desking and Benching, and redefines it with an approach to minimalism, durability and high grade construction. There’s a lot of options to choose from, but which is best for your office?

Truss Workbenches

Structural stability and modular design are key components of our Truss Workbench line which redesign the idea of adjustable benching systems from the ground up. They’re designed with 24” and 30” worksurface depths in mind, with support for standing heights up to 49” inches. Storage is mounted on the sides, which keeps the workstation surface clutter-free, while providing a hub for employees to access. Add in spatial dividers and secondary worktools, and the Truss Workbench system really begins to shine. It’s perfect for small teams working close-knit, and can easily be adapted for digital workers, thanks to support for 8 wire/4 circuit Electrical and Data Beams that can power a host of devices.


One of our most popular Desking and Benching Systems is undoubtedly the Caseworks line – a beautifully minimalist, highly attractive and (most importantly) functional system designed with ease of installation in mind. Privacy is also a main draw compared to open-leg benching, and the inclusion of dividers helps add to this. The line is height adjustable, and comes in a variety of beautiful solid or woodgrain laminate looks, depending on the style of your particular office environment. Naturally, Caseworks easily supports digital teams with enclosed electrical and data arrays, turning it into a highly effective system that keeps your workspace clutter free. Simple, minimalist, and beautiful to behold.

Edge – Standard

Our Edge line is a European take on Benching Systems that is designed for maximum communication, comfort and style, all rolled into one. Edge is an expandable line that companies can build on within their workspaces, making them easy to set up and reconfigure based on the needs and/or growth of your team. The line comes in two styles – Standard and Executive. The former allows for modular linking of units, while the Executive is better suited for private offices or long span tables. It wouldn’t be effective without the inclusion of cable management systems, and the option for privacy panels and secondary storage. Contemporary, classy, the Edge line still retains a sense of traditionalism, with a Euro design aesthetic that feels fresh and invigorating.

Qi Benching

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a functional, attractive Benching System for your workspace. Qi Benching was designed with this idea in mind – to deliver simple, effective and attractive solutions, without skimping on the features that matter. This line comes in a wide array of finishes, leg options and storage options, with support for electrical solutions to serve data-driven digital teams. You can even add in privacy dividers in a variety of materials to suit your office aesthetic, or team requirements. Legs come in either U, V or O-Leg formation, giving you a choice when it comes to style and setup. They’re one of the easiest systems to set up, and build upon.


Fence Benching Systems take a much different approach than the others on this list, most notably due to their freestanding design approach. Each Fence unit remains independent of tables and connected units, creating a mini-workstation aesthetic that is employee-focused. This allows for division of employees so they can concentrate on their tasks independent of a larger group, and can also be used to take advantage of maximum space. Electrical and data needs have been taken into consideration as well, as have the option for privacy screens in softscape or acrylic. The best part of Fencing systems is the range of available widths, from 48” to 72” inches, with optional sizes to match adjacent storage towers.

We provide a wealth of options for companies to deck out their respective workspaces with the Desking and Benching Systems most appropriate for them. You can even mix and match different Systems for various regions of your office, in order to maximize the efficiency of them all, simultaneously. Our modular approach to Desking and Benching means that we’ve taken into account all the needs that companies have when choosing the right office furniture. For more information on any of these Desking and Benching Systems, we invite you to reach out to us today. We’d be glad to answer your questions, and help you decide which System is right for you.