Advantages Of Agile Workspaces

Agile workspaces have been around for quite a while now, and companies adopt them to suit innovative new ways of working within the office.  While they do require some careful planning depending on your work environment, agile workspaces are designed to maximize employee morale by giving workers more flexibility in how they work. As millennials continue to fill the largest percentage of the workforce, companies are using agile workspaces to attract top talent, and encourage employees to stay for the long run.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of an agile workspace, especially as we move into 2020.


By identifying the key areas in an agile workspace, you can construct the appropriate layout for your office.  “Quiet Zones” are self-explanatory, and give workers a space to concentrate fully on tasks.  “Touchdown Areas” are meant for those who tend to work remotely, and show up occasionally for some in-house duties.  “Breakout Areas” are meant to be versatile, and can support many different kinds of functions, such as team brainstorming sessions or impromptu meetings.  “Resource Areas” are spots where things like copiers, printers and storage cabinets are kept, so that members of different departments can share in their access.  And finally, “Open Plan” areas are meant to keep the team communicating with one another in a relaxed, open area environment that encourages contribution and teamwork.  Laying out your agile workspace using these key areas is essential for a smooth work environment, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with an expert who knows how to leverage your internal real estate efficiently.


When leveraged poorly, an agile workspace can have a detrimental effect on employees, and that’s a problem that needs to be addressed in the planning stages.  It’s important to build according to your own office environment, and your employees.  However, employees come and go, so it’s wise to anticipate the arrival of newcomers, and have a space ready for them, depending on their work style.  This is less difficult than it sounds, thankfully.  Make sure there are areas free of distraction, as well as areas that encourage interaction.  By creating the right space with the right framework within your open floor design, you’re boosting its versatility factor.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution to an agile workspace.  Rather, it’s important (and fun!) to innovate and customize according to your particular company.  Make it your own, right from the start, and employees will gladly get on board. 


Agile workspaces change up how employees work by giving them options to get up, move around and work in different areas which are pre designed for different tasks.  This requires a bit of finesse, and involves identifying what kind of work goes on in your office, and the types of people within it.  The right agile workspace can nurture teamwork and communication, especially in an age where laptops rule, and employees can take their job with them.  Perhaps a certain kind of task requires a bit more concentration, and that collaborative space is simply too distracting?  The worker can retreat to a quieter section of the office which helps them relax and focus on tasks.  This could be a boardroom, or even the company lunchroom.  Similarly, different areas can be used effectively by teams, instead of retreating to a stuffy conference table.  By enhancing the positivity of the office atmosphere, an agile workspace can banish the cubicle stereotype in favor of the freedom to move around and stay positive and productive.


Agile workspaces can incorporate other trending office design elements to up their effectiveness.  For instance, biophilic design is a great way to make an agile workspace burst with healthy vibes and colors that have a direct impact on the mood and performance of your employees.  By banishing negative thoughts, anxiety and stress, workers perform better.  It’s a simple rule, but one that has gained significant ground in the new office age, and continues to do so.  Similarly, an innovative agile workspace can quickly be flipped around to create a different layout, especially if companies choose the right office furniture for their work environment.  This is handy for last minute client visits, special events or the holiday season.  The notion of an innovative, agile workspace can keep employees excited and enthusiastic about the company they work for. 


If properly set up and utilized, an agile workspace can have a profoundly positive effect on employee morale.  Studies have shown drastic reductions in the number of sick and personal days taken, and that’s thanks largely to the welcoming, fun nature of an agile work environment.  Gone are the days when a rigid corporate office structure ruled the roost.  Now, it’s a focus on bettering the positivity of workers, and encouraging them to be more enthusiastic and productive about their jobs.  In turn, an equally positive relationship can form between company owners, and their employees, since everyone feels like they’re part of something bigger.  Since employees spend much of their time at work when they’re not at home, it’s vital to make the work environment an uplifting and welcoming one.  

For more information on how to design the perfect agile workspace for your company, we suggest contacting us.  We’re experts in the field, and we’d love to help you plan your agile workspace for 2020, and beyond.