A Guide to the Rapid Pop-Up Station

fluidconcepts is proud to present a spatial solution to assist in one of the biggest pandemics of our time—the Rapid Pop-Up Station: a ultra-fast contingency response booth designed to serve as a vaccination and inoculation site as well as use in assessment centers, emergency shelters, disaster relief accommodations, and overflow hospitals and care.

Rapid Pop-Up Stations are very convenient to use and deploy; they offer rapid setup and takedown that is easily reconfigurable. Individual modular bay units can be combined into infinitely expandable groupings to suit purposes of just about any size.

Each station bay is equipped with a standardized setup that provides the proper sophistication and trust expected in our emergency health and disaster services.

A mounted surface to be used by the health care provider is complemented by a patient seating space, establishing an orderly space. Various sizes and widths are available, with partitions carefully sectioning off each bay. All parties benefit from a semi-intimate space that respectfully grants a modest assurance of privacy and protection.

Lightweight and easily moveable, the Rapid Pop-Up Station is easily reconfigurable to suit each new space it needs to serve. Possible configurations include linear, back-to-back, and single independent setups.

This product is made from reusable and recyclable materials that are easy to clean and disinfect. It features an anodized aluminum frame that comes in 66” and 78” heights and is equipped with white thermoplastic tiles.

Aesthetically sound without stealing attention, these station bays keep the focus on the task at hand. Shipped with its screens preassembled or by component, the Rapid Pop-Up Station is a North American-made solution ready to be deployed at your command.

And, with its practical and utilitarian design, this product can be used to suit other applications for use in healthcare, disaster relief, corporate and office, trade show, polling stations, call centres, change rooms, and labs. Not only that, it can be used in other industries that include education, government, retail, hospitality, airports, law enforcement, and public service.

Not only that, this product easily integrates with fluidconcepts Healthcare/Protective Booths. It can be easily assembled to serve as a Quick Admin Station or stand alongside our other Pop-Up Spaces like the Emergency Acuity Bay, the Emergency Dorm, or the Stand-Up Assessment Booth.

Anytime there is an immediate need, the Rapid Pop-Up Station provides a turnkey solution that is ready to suit any permanent or temporary purpose.

Rapid Pop-Up Stations are currently available on a 3-week delivery schedule or sooner. If there is an urgent need for an order requiring a shorter lead time, please contact our sales team to determine if we can expedite a quicker delivery date.

We are tremendously excited about this product, and anticipate that it can bring a lot of benefit to the world at large.

Please contact us with any and all questions regarding our systems, and be sure to share with your contacts and affiliates. Also feel free to contact us for more information about this or other fluidconcepts products. We’re eager to begin a conversation with you!