A Guide To Flag Screens

Fluidconcepts has just released a new product in the form of Flag Screens which are designed for space division and spatial protection in multiple environments and situations. These flexible products can be installed anywhere in moments and used to keep people safe while the global pandemic runs its course. In fact, our Flag Screens have already been used in public seating, offices, healthcare and hospitality environments to name a few.

The reason Flag Screens work so well is due to our design which makes them easy to set up and deploy. The traditional looking Flag Screen consists of a base with a support beam and a single-sided flag-style separator, but Fluidconcepts also sells double-sided units for a little more flexibility and coverage depending on the need. This can be a great option for common seating areas, while single-sided Flag Screens may be better suited for desk partitions and height adjustable desk options.

Height options included 60”, 66” and 72” inch variants with screen depths of 24” and 30” and screen heights of 24”, 30” and 48” inches. This offers a lot of flexibility when choosing the appropriate Flag Screen for use in sitting or standing applications. Customers can even add a little more protection to existing pairs of Flag Screens by linking them together with an optional connector screen.

The anodized frame finishes serve as a base for screen dividers in either clear, frosted or white acrylic options. Setup is easy and hassle-free with metal-to-metal connections that can easily be cleaned and disinfected with no trouble. The heavy base plate prevents shifting and increases low profile stability, adding to their day-to-day value. All Flag Screens are 95% recyclable.

The versatility of Flag Screens are their strongest asset, making them an excellent solution for nearly any environment. Retail counters can deploy larger Flag Screens to prevent side-to-side viral transmission between customer queue lines, or for use in gyms to separate machinery such as treadmills and bikes which allow users to exercise safely. For public seating, companies may choose a shorter or taller variation of a Flag Screen depending on preference or application. The same principle applies to hospitality spaces such as restaurants which can benefit from booth separation so that diners can enjoy a little more peace of mind during a night out on the town. There truly are a multitude of ways that Flag Screens may be used to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and give your customers a little more reason to breathe easy.

When the pandemic has run its course, Flag Screens may be broken down and stored for future use if another situation arises, or they may be utilized for other unrelated applications such as basic privacy dividers. The ability to store them without hassle and set back up at a moment’s notice makes them an invaluable item. We encourage you to get in contact with us to discuss the kind of Flag Screen(s) best suited to your company and its inherent needs and requirements. This is a hot new item, and we’re happy to tell you all about it while assisting you in making the right choice.