Complementing Your Office with High-End Storage

Open offices are a modern design trend that has helped usher in a new era of productivity and innovation. And while much of the focus has dwelled upon fancy new concepts, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the hidden engine that powers open offices: storage space.

Although not as revolutionary as the newest standing desk or a streamlined workpod, we shouldn’t overlook this important office furniture category. After all, an open office quickly loses its lustre if its spacious interior is taken up by unsightly clutter. By incorporating an effective storage system, your office can become a hub of productivity while still maintaining a clean aesthetic. 

That’s why if you want a forward-thinking office that looks as well as it runs, you should match your high-performance workspace with the appropriate storage units.

At fluidconcepts, we’ve created a number of storage units purposely made to complement modern office furniture design. Our storage units are built with smart and handy features that are both attractive and practical.

Aesthetically pleasing yet modest in their practicality, fluidconcept storage units are designed to enhance your office space using three key concepts.


Our Cubic Metal and laminate line-up is designed with style, longevity and compatibility in mind. Made of contract grade construction and tested to ANSI-BIFMA standards, all Cubic Storage products are backed by a life-time warranty. Cabinets come with master-keyed locks while drawers are equipped with full-extension steel ball bearing slides. And that’s not all; freestanding, mobile and cushion pedestals come with a factory-installed counterweight for added stability.

With so many products with rounded contours available in our lineup, fluidconcept furniture is a great opportunity for you to create a well-rounded office environment. For this reason, an excellent complement to an office that accentuates its curves would be this rounded office shelf. Use it to finish off the waves set in motion by a rounded workstation or, conversely, contrast against a square corner at the end of a room.


Versatility is one of the top concepts valued at fluidconcepts, and we put it on full display in our storage units. We’ve doubled the usefulness of this low-rise storage unit by topping it with a red seat cushion, effectively turning it into a casual lounge chair. In keeping with the open office concept, this cushioned pedestal provides a new space to spark up a conversation, prompting new levels of collaboration and cooperation.

A versatile product is one that has multiple purposes; this storage unit takes this to heart by doubling as a decorative wall screen. Its asymmetrical box-equipped vertically-positioned mini-pillars work to provide a semi-private space, while simultaneously anchoring a set of fully-functional storage units with openable cupboard doors.


Practicality is another key concept that is incorporated in many of our storage designs. This two-level floor unit is equipped with rolling wheels that allow it to be relocated without hassle. Featuring a translucent top anchored by a dark base, this versatile storage unit can seamlessly fit into your office and look good while doing it.

Storage needn’t be a shameful word when it comes to office design. While their main purpose is to hide things away, storage doesn’t have to take a backseat when it comes to design. That’s what we aimed to do with this eye-catching two-toned display shelf. This fetching beauty contrasts its lightly-wooded veneer against a sharp white-coloured casing. Imbued with a striking colour scheme, this wall unit will serve as the centre of attention in any room.

Here at fluidconcepts, we want to provide our clients with the best in modern modular office products. We strive to turn your office space into a welcoming environment that celebrates productivity, and help you fully achieve your business potential.

Some things should stay strictly behind the scenes; your office clutter is one of them. Office storage is often undervalued but, by embracing it, is an element that can optimize your office. 

Do you want the best for your office? Contact our sales department to find out how!

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