Tips For Choosing A Proper Height-Adjustable Desk

It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle significantly increases health risks, particularly those related to heart disease. That, combined with the discomfort that comes from sitting at a desk during an 8 hour workday has created the need for a new approach. This comes in the form of the height-adjustable desk, which does exactly as its name implies.

Beyond just switching up posture and providing some much-needed relief from a standard sitting position, height-adjustable desks can also increase blood flow and encourage more movement, which is beneficial for a happier and healthier work day. Many companies are very conscious about the health and well-being of their employees, and if yours is one of them, it pays to know a few tips if you want to install height-adjustable desks at your workplace.


Since height-adjustable desks operate with an electrical motor, there are noise considerations. However, many modern height-adjustable desks have features built in to reduce noise, while transitioning from one position to the next as fast as possible. This minimizes the amount of distraction in the workplace, particularly if the desk will change positions multiple times per day. Thankfully, most employees won’t be switching up standing and sitting positions very often, but it still pays to make sure the desk of your choice isn’t going to cause a ruckus. 


If you’re choosing a height-adjustable desk for yourself, or just one employee, it makes sense to go for a particular height range. However, if your desk will be used by multiple employees who range in height from shorties to beanstalks, you may need one with a wider range. Typically, desks with adjustable heights between 22” to 49” are considered the optimal range, but always take into account the heights of your employees as a collective. If need be, grab two height-adjustable desks with different ranges to accommodate your workers.


Naturally, you’ll want to choose height-adjustable desks that can handle the weight of whatever will be placed on them. Thankfully, today’s laptops, desktop computers and monitors are smaller and lighter, but be mindful. Height-adjustable desks are used in many different workplace settings, from white collar offices to industrial factory workfloors, and the equipment used will differ greatly between them. Make sure to choose a desk that won’t buckle under the weight of the items placed on it.


Most modern office furniture has taken aesthetics into account, but it still pays to shop around. fluidconcepts has always been mindful of the need to balance versatility, functionality and good looks into each and every one of our office furniture products, and our height-adjustable desks are no different.

As such, our height-adjustable products are designed with a sleek, minimalist design that complements any office space, while offering the perfect height and levelling ranges, heavy load capacities and voltage options. The beautiful aesthetics never come at the expense of functionality. 


Not everyone is so keen on using a height-adjustable desk, particularly those resistant to change. For that reason, it’s good practice to refrain from making it mandatory, and instead encourage employees to jump on the bandwagon. The objective is to boost their health and well-being, though not everyone will have an easy time of it. Those with injuries or medical conditions may even have trouble standing for extended periods of time without severe discomfort.

If that’s the case, choose height-adjustable desks that can change positions as fast as possible. That way, employees can be encouraged to build up a tolerance, without having to wait too long for the desk to switch to a different height. The easier it is for them to adjust the desk, the easier it will be for them to become accustomed to standing up. Don’t forget that good old fashioned team spirit and encouragement. It goes a long way, particularly for those who might feel embarrassed that they can’t stand for prolonged periods.


Part of making a happier and healthier team involves encouraging your employees to pursue activities that yield inherent health benefits. Height-adjustable desks may seem like a small move in that direction, but their benefits extend quite far. 

fluidconcepts realizes the importance that height-adjustable desks play in the modern workplace, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting. If the same task can be done while standing up and getting the blood flowing, so much the better. Contact us today to inquire about our height-adjustable office furniture products, and how they can improve the health of your workers.