The Benefits of a Standing Desk in the Office

It’s no secret that sedentary lifestyles can be hazardous to a person’s health, which is why regular exercise and movement are recommended. By sticking to an active lifestyle, it’s easier to avoid long-term complications such as obesity, heart disease and other ailments that can creep up over time.

However, the office environment isn’t always a prime candidate for exercise, which is why it pays to invest in adjustable standing desks for your team. By implementing these desks at key points throughout your office space, you can encourage your employees to get off their seats, which is healthier all around.


Essentially, a standing desk is just as the name suggests – a desk that is designed to be used in a vertical upright position. Sitting is not the goal of this desk, which means workers will have to stay on their feet while performing certain tasks. Standing desks are not designed for a regular 8-hour workday, but rather as an optional piece of office furniture that allows workers to switch up their routine.

Standing desks tend to be modular in function, which means their height is adjustable to accommodate different workers. Adding a standing desk into a busy common area with multiple team members means having to quickly adjust for different shapes and sizes, meaning they’re best utilized in a team environment. 

And finally, standing desks can alternate between the actual standing mode, and a sitting mode so that employees can choose when to alternate between the two, which promotes a healthier work day. 


The primary function of a standing desk is to help promote a healthy lifestyle, while cutting down on the sedentary positions most commonly associated with a typical office environment. Standing burns more calories than sitting, and this means more of them are burnt throughout the workday. Multiply a day’s worth of calories shed by five days in the work week, and the amount can add up fast.

Standing has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels, which is particularly important for those who deal with diabetes on a daily basis. Multiple studies have been done on this issue, focusing particularly on those in the workplace, and the results have been astonishing. In fact, consistent sitting down after large meals can cause the risk of type 2 diabetes to balloon by over 110%, as opposed to standing up.

Even for those in great shape, other afflictions can rear their ugly heads, including all-too-common back pain. This is usually caused by a combination of bad office furniture and improper posture, which means standing can go a long way towards alleviating this issue.

For those who don’t want to stand for prolonged periods of time, they can take a break and sit down until they build up a greater tolerance. This is where the adjustable standing desk really becomes beneficial in the workplace. 

And finally, standing is shown to have a greater effect on mood, which can lead to a direct increase in productivity. While standing, the brain is more alert, and the body more active in relation to its surroundings. Conversely, sitting down can have the opposite effect by making workers lethargic, and that condition is exacerbated if fatigue or depression are at play.

By keeping the mind alert, workers can produce more efficiently, whilst feeling wonderful at the same time. It’s also a great way to keep the body active enough for an after-hours workout. Think of it as a warm-up. 


If your office environment does not have an open plan design, or particular work areas are a bit too cramped to fit a full-sized desk, it pays to invest in a standing model instead. These desks don’t have to be modular, either. Permanent standing desks can be utilized in key areas of the office where short-term tasks take place, such as data entry, copying documents, or ringing up a sale on a computer.

The key is knowing where in the office to install a sit stand desk, then identifying how many workers will need it throughout the day. Also, it might help to give the office space a once-over to determine if any current jobs or tasks can be redeployed to a standing desk. This can free up space in other areas of the office, simply tidy it up more for the sake of foot traffic, improve company culture, or to impress clients.


Standing desks might be geared primarily towards health benefits, but there’s always more than one use to any great piece of office furniture. Whether you’re trying to motivate your employees to become more active, or streamline your day-to-day operations, standing desks might be the perfect option. 

If the former, it’s always wise to check with employees about any potential health risks or complications that might arise from standing for prolonged periods. Some employees may not even realize they have risks, which is why it might be good to identify those who should get checked out by a doctor beforehand. Better safe than sorry.

For everyone else, standing desks can be a huge benefit to any workplace, and a great way to shed calories, cut the fat, and make employees feel more enthusiastic about their daily work schedules. 


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