The Benefits Of Electrical Options In Office Furniture

fluidconcepts offers a wide range of office furniture products that have electrical and data track systems built into their structures. This holds a wealth of advantages for companies constantly dealing with an ever-changing tech landscape. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are now considered the pencil and paper of the 21st century, and this in itself is a step forward in the right direction when it comes to environmental friendliness, and better project cohesion. 

What exactly are the benefits of having electrical and data options in office furniture, however? Some answers might be obvious, while others are more subtle. Read on to find out why our furniture options might be best suited for your particular workplace.


This is perhaps the granddaddy when it comes to the perks of built-in electrical and data tracks. Unsightly tangles of messy wires duct-taped to the floor, or hanging out of walls, have been office mainstays for too many years. The trend is now in full reversal, with many companies designing their office spaces with data and electrical cables built into the walls and floors. With a simple flip of a finger, electrical and data ports can be exposed for employees to plug into.

Our furniture expands on this idea by piggybacking on the modern office cable and electrical systems, and integrating them directly into our desks, workstations and conference tables. This allows employees to juice up their devices, connect via ethernet, etc. Even desktop workstation computers can benefit from this by keeping cables off the floor, and neatly organized. 


While the aesthetic look and convenience of built-in electrical and data modules is obvious, there’s also another advantage some may not take into account. Until our species makes a breakthrough that allows us to move one hundred percent to wireless technologies, the traditional cable is here to stay. We’re always developing new technologies to minimize that, but in the meantime, cables are a nuisance. They get tangled, they can be hard to keep track of, and they can trip people up if left dangling. 

Office furniture with built in data and electrical allows for cables to stay off the floor by implementing easy to locate outlets built into the product itself. No more cables swinging off the edge of the table, just waiting to be caught up on chair legs, or human ankles. The last thing any company wants to deal with is an employee taking a nasty fall at work.


Is it possible that the convenience of built in data and electrical options can actually foster a better team environment? The answer is “Yes.” With less to deal with, and a cleaner workspace to enjoy, teams can feel invigorated without distractions getting in the way of progress. There’s another element to this as well – the increasing adoption of wireless tech devices. While these have transformed the traditional workspace by getting everyone out of the cubicle, they do still require power and special connectivity options from time to time. The right office furniture with built in data and electrical allows employees to migrate seamlessly from one end of the office, to the other, and set up for a team session or a presentation. The easier this transition is, the clearer and more focused the mind is, fostering better productivity, team spirit and collaboration.


Today’s employees bounce around the workplace in order to shake things up, feel energized, and more motivated to make it through the day. If the desk is becoming a bore, an employee might decide to head over to the break room where they can have a coffee and hammer out that final report from the comfort of the nearby sofa. 

Others may practice hot-desking, where multiple employees share the same desk, or use whichever one is currently available. Finally, some may opt for a particular seat in the house where they feel they’re most productive, which includes the boardroom table. Regardless of the situation, electric and data options in office furniture ends up selling itself. When it’s time to reorganize the layout of office furniture, the same advantages are still built in. Deploying office furniture to another part of the office is as simple as locating the nearest outlet. The furniture takes care of the rest.

For more information on how fluidconcepts implements data and electrical track options into its office furniture, please contact us today. We’ll help you set up your office for the ultimate in cleanliness, function and efficiency. 

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