Project Name
San Diego, CA
Products Used
Open Plan Stations


The client, a facilities-based incubator for startups, was in the midst of an office expansion. They  required numerous workstations for their professional space in order to accommodate the many startups housed in their facility. As well, separate work areas for smaller groups were also needed. To best fulfill this need, the client turned to the trusted office solutions expert: fluidconcepts.

We closely examined the client’s needs and environment to fully comprehend what was needed, leading us to the one product that could solve the client’s problem: Edge benching. We equipped the client’s workspace using these large and open stations that gave the required functionality to the client. Additionally, we provided office furniture for the client’s meeting rooms and storage units, rounding out the space with a harmonious, unified design concept.

With every demand fulfilled, the satisfied client was pleased to have found such a capable and appropriate solution with fluidconcepts.