Iredale Cosmetics
Project Name
Iredale Cosmetics
Great Barrington, MA
Product Used
Project Scope
Seven stations, small space


The client was looking for new workstations for their workspace, and wanted them to achieve three things: ergonomic practicality, uniqueness, and the ability to fit in a small space. Ordinarily, a competitor would likely be able to accommodate one or two of these conditions. But with fluidconcepts, we’re able to fulfill all the needs of our clients.

We delved deep into our vast inventory of products, and determined the perfect solution for the client to be our OrbitPods. Its round design creates a functional and unique workstation that could easily accommodate the small footprint of a space-limited environment. Designed for accessibility and ease of use, OrbitPods are made to fit the human body, using curved contours to lessen strain and raise comfort.

Having their needs fully met, the satisfied client got the furniture they wanted and achieved the goals they set.