Gate Gourmet
Project Name
Gate Gourmet
Reston, VA
Airline Services
Products Used
Runway and Edge
Project Scope
312 Open Plan Workstations, 57 Private Offices


As a leading global provider of airline catering solutions, the client needed to create new workstations to accommodate its latest office expansion. The client determined that the best course of action was to create an office with an open plan design that could provide a large amount of workspace per user. In order to achieve this, an efficient office workstation unit was needed that could maximize the space and accommodate the most users possible. 

As specialists experienced in making the most out of any situation, fluidconcepts was able to immediately come up with the specific solution that perfectly met the client’s needs. We integrated Runway spines with our Edge products to create an open and highly functional set of workstations. We utilized the large surfaces of these products to gain the functionality required by the client, while still maximizing their limited office workspace.

The result: 312 installed open plan workstations and 57 private offices fully equipped with fluidconcepts furniture, thereby satisfying the client’s need for a comfortable and productive open office space.