Fusion Cast
Project Name
Fusion Cast
Oakville, ON
Product Used
Project Scope
15 Sales Stations, 1 Reception Station


This manufacturing client wanted an impactful aesthetic for the office furniture in their professional environment. They were looking for furniture that was both functional and eye-catching, and could adapt well to their small space. Dissatisfied with the alternatives, the client found exactly what they were looking for with fluidconcepts.

Our solution to the niche needs of the client was found in our Orbit stations that provided the desired impact. These curved workstations add function and style to every environment in which they are introduced, making for a practical solution that complemented their office well. Additionally, we provided a curved reception desk that firmly established a welcoming and purposeful office entrance.

As the client found out, fluidconcepts provides office furniture built for specific problems, and not just for filling office space. Having fully met their needs, we knew that we had yet another satisfied client on our hands with this project.


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