Toyota Dealership
 Project Name:
Toyota Dealership
Salisbury, MD
Automobile Dealership
Product Used
Post & Beam


Sales Workstations, Reception Station


A Toyota dealership client wanted to fulfill their vision for a different, yet effective, consultation sales approach for their business. And, needing to make the most of their small space, the client was looking for an office furniture solution that could maximize their environment for productivity and effectiveness.

With fluidconcepts’ help, we were able to directly address the client’s needs with a personalized answer. We provided a curved 120-degree workstation solution that no other company was capable of providing. The Post & Beam product filled in the client’s small space comfortably, serving the client’s needs for productive sales workstations and a reception station while still providing privacy between users.

The end result is an automobile dealership rejuvenated by high-end office furniture that fulfilled the client’s vision. By embracing the limitations of the client’s environment, we were able to provide a custom-tailored solution that fit both the client’s space and needs.

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