Project Name
Vancouver, BC


Engineering and Design Services

Product Used

Post & Beam

Product Scope

525 Open Plan Workstations


This large engineering consulting firm was looking for a way to help improve the productivity of their engineers. The client was searching for workstations that could accommodate large, deep surfaces for drawings and documentation, all the while remaining robust and visually light. Unable to find anything that could meet these specific conditions on the market, the client finally found the breakthrough they needed by contacting fluidconcepts.

Where the competition failed, fluidconcepts succeeded. By analyzing the client’s needs and cross-referencing with our vast inventory of office solutions, we were able to come up with a suitable answer: the Post & Beam, a workstation product equipped with 36" deep tabletops, ample power delivery and management, and open shelf supports. 

In all, we provided the client with 525 open plan workstations that fulfilled their needs and helped improve office productivity.