Royal LePage
Project Name
Royal LePage
Georgetown, ON
Real Estate Services
Product Used
Post & Beam
Product Scope
25 Workstations


As a real estate brokerage where design and style were foremost for their employees and customers, the client had a specific need for office furniture that could meet this professional need. Their search for a provider that could offer well-designed furniture that met their high standards proved unfruitful until they consulted fluidconcepts.

For us as office furniture experts, fulfilling the needs of our clients first requires a comprehensive understanding of their problems. By looking at the current and underlying problems facing this brokerage, we were able to determine the best possible solution was to use our Post & Beam workstations. The versatility of these practical products made for a beautiful, elegant reception station as well as multiple touchdown stations for the client’s sales agents.

Only through clear awareness can true solutions be uncovered. As we do in every situation, we were sure to listen with our hearts and minds to discern the best possible outcome. This strategy resulted in a well-satisfied client for this case, as it had for many others.