NeoCon 2018

Project Name

NeoCon 2018
Products Used
Blade, Truss, Sophi Tables, Twist Tables, Orbit
Workstations, Private Offices, Interior Architecture, Boardroom


fluidconcepts was an invited guest of the NeoCon 2018 commercial interior design industry trade show. Here, at this popular annual event, we were offered a chance to directly showcase our products to both industry insiders and end users, and we were sure to make the most of it.

During the full run of the show, fluidconcepts displayed a variety of products that performed various levels of functionality within the office. That year saw us showcase Blade height-adjustable workstations, Truss workbenches with saddle storage and work tool storage, our new Sophi tables, the surface-tilting Twist tables as well as our mobile Orbit stations.

Using hands-on explanations and relatable demonstrations, fluidconcepts comprehensively showed off the features and functionality of these products to show attendees, resulting in a very successful show for us. 



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