Motley Fool
Project Name
Motley Fool
Alexandria, VA
Web and Internet
Product Used
Post & Beam
Product Scope
450 Open Plan Workstations


As a notable disruptor in the Web and Internet industry, the client was looking for the right office furniture that could fill out their notable growth. Dissatisfied with the traditional, conservative offices, the client wanted to create an open and productive environment that contained a touch of fun. Unfortunately, proposals pitched by the competition were tone deaf towards the client’s brand personality, an error that fluidconcepts avoided with our successful solution.

To follow through with the client’s request, fluidconcepts did our due diligence and researched the company’s history and core values to ensure that we fully understood their brand. After becoming fully familiar with the company’s personality, we looked through our inventory to pick out the best possible solution. In the end, we chose Post & Beam workstations with customized red worksurfaces that would best meet the client’s needs. 

With this pop of color, fluidconcepts was able to properly create the right atmosphere for the client. In all, 450 of our open plan workstations were deployed for this workspace, resulting in a happy and satisfied client.