Project Name
Yukon, OK
Product Used
Open Area Library Stations


Sometimes, when pre-made solutions won’t do, a completely new answer is required. That was the case for this client in the education industry that required a unique and custom design creation suited to their space. And although customization can be difficult and complicated, it is a fluidconcepts specialty that has made us famous among our clients. 

The client has very specific goals they wanted to achieve, and through a tight collaboration, we worked diligently to meet them. The result: large, custom-made study carrels that snaked around the client’s educational facility, creating a personalized environment that could not be replicated anywhere else. These workstations were complemented by special storage units and spatial dividers that made these unique creations even more special.

With this client, fluidconcepts showed that there is nothing we can’t do to achieve the goals of our clients. 



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