Crew Creative
Project Name
Crew Creative
Los Angeles, CA
Movie and Film Advertising
Products Used
Product Scope
410 Open Plan Workstations, 100 Private Workstations


The client, a major player in the movie and film advertising industry, approached fluidconcepts with the idea of creating customized workstations inspired by children’s play forts. The client wanted a unique and functional space that was playful and fun, and for that, they were looking for a brand new solution that could fit their niche needs. As a veteran of the industry, fluidconcepts was eager to again prove our mastery in providing customized office furniture solutions.

In order to achieve the client's goals, custom storage units were created to resemble boxes. By stacking the units, we gave a random and playful feel to the space. The large workstations gave the end user an open and inspiring space in which to work, thereby achieving the client’s goals for office productivity.

We were able implement this solution across the client’s total workspace, encompassing 410 open plan workstations and 100 private workstations. Having achieved all their goals, the client proved to be immensely satisfied with our ability to provide customized solutions.