Project Name
Phoenix, AZ
Call Center
Products Used
Blade, Post & Beam
Product Scope
500+ Study Carrels


As a major call center with hundreds of employees, the client had a major need for office furniture. With density and function serving as the key considerations, the client was looking for a furniture supplier that could deliver products exactly as promised. While the competition fell short, fluidconcepts fully lived up to our reputation as a reliable provider of office furniture solutions.

As industry veterans experienced in equipping clients of all sizes, we examined our vast inventory to find the one product that would best fit the client. The answer was a two-fold combination of our Blade and Post & Beam products. The resulting carrell system was designed to offer the flexibility and function that the client required. Electrical was added to each workstation, while upmounted acrylic was used to add privacy while still allowing light to pass through.

In all, we supplied the client with 500+ study carrels, each meeting the specific density and functionality required by the client. No matter the size, whether large or small, fluidconcepts is completely able to fulfill the needs of our clients.