Industrial Manufacturer
Project Name
Industrial Manufacturer
Huntington Beach, CA
Manufacturing & Construction
Products Used
Blade, Treo Casegoods


An expanding industrial sales client needed to furnish their boardroom, workstation areas and private offices. To serve their needs, they were looking for the right open contemporary workspace solution that could fit their unique design vision and branding.

The solution came in the form of fluidconcepts’ Blade and Treo Casegoods. To fulfill the client’s specific needs, we specified and designed Blade low-walled open plan workstations using our contemporary Concrete Grooves laminate. Additionally, private offices were outfitted with Treo laminate casegoods to elegantly round out the client’s professional environment with a touch of distinction. 

Refined and well established, the finished result stands as a testament to this business’ commitment to its core vision.