Choosing a Workstation For Your Office Layout

Modular workstations can be a tremendous boon within your office space. They’re practical, easy to set up and tear down, and they can be reconfigured on the fly, for any application.

fluidconcepts carries a line of excellent workstations in various configurations and designs, making them great for offices of all types. Let’s take a moment to compare them, so you can decide which is right for your workspace.


Our Blade Open Plan workstations are designed to fit multiple units together to save space, while still providing an excellent and intuitive design mixed with great aesthetics. The workstation is comprised of an aluminum post and beam spine with electrical connectivity, while the solid laminate dividers work to fuse the layout together for a contemporary, clean look. Blade workstations are fantastic for call centers, sales areas and other high capacity workspaces.


For a little more aesthetic spice in your workplace, we can’t recommend the Orbit series enough! These ergonomically designed workstations not only go well with contemporary workspace design and decor, but they’re functional as well. They’re easy to set up, highly configurable in a number of different styles and options, and they’re great for the sales floor, the reception area and everything in between.


For a fresh new take on a traditional standard layout, the Hybrid Post & Beam series banishes the cubicle in favor of a versatile and functional workstation for any situation. This product line is highly adaptable for almost any kind of office layout, including call centers, workstation clusters, private offices and everything in between. The post and beam system is a simple concept which allows for an unlimited number of combinations.


The Quattro Post & Beam workstation setup is great for a more traditional approach to office furniture layout, with a bit of style and structure to go along with it.  With so many limitless options at your disposal, the Quattro Post & Beam system can serve as one of the best all-purpose office furniture workstation solutions in our lineup. 


For workstations that require a more demanding setup, the Runway Office Furniture series is the right choice.  The functional spine delivers high capacity power and data to workstations, which is excellent for focused, dedicated computer tasks. Center-mounted storage and dividing screens help bring the display to life in a variety of different configurations to suit your workspace. Runway is compatible with others solutions in our lineup, such as Quattro Post & Beam.

To browse our selection of workstation designs, head here to learn more. Don’t forget to contact us with any questions you might have, so we can better assist!