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We are a structural based system where all components can be disassembled, and assembled into various applications. With Panel systems, only a minimal set of applications are useful with the same set of products. For example, our post can be stacked or shortened in the field and really placed anywhere. A 48" panel will only ever be a 48"panel.


Most panels systems can be planned in 90 degrees, or if they are planned in off-90 angles then dedicated components are required. Hybrid has 3 different interchangeable posts which enable 90 and off-90 planning using the same post or combinations of different posts. This enables the same system to be used for a variety of applications. Posts can be ordered segmented or easily added on later in the field (in height and width)

Hybrid has no dimensional creep where most panel systems have 3-4" of creep. This means valuable savings in real estate over large floor plates. The only dimension which needs to be added for Hybrid is at the end of workstation runs where the ½ the diameter of the post needs to be considered.


From a recyclable point of view our product can be disassembled into its simplest raw material components for processing. Panel products tend to be much more complex and thus not disassembled to their lowest common denominator. All posts, beam worksurfaces and storage are all fully recyclable.

Life Cycle Costs

Our system can be changed and planned in table environments, desking environment, private offices, full height walls or the open plan. They are easily added to (linear and vertically) ...and at little cost over what a panel system tends to be. Desking systems have shown to have lower life cycle costs than panel systems due to their ability to assemble and disassemble quickly and have more applicability throughout an office. Hybrid takes this one step further by combining the ease of assembly and disassembly..but also the fact that you can disassemble into posts and beams and reassemble into a multitude of uses. The portability and add-on factor (height, length and width) also adds to its’ long term function.


Height adjustment - Our height adjustment and attachments happen along the vertical channel in our posts. Since they slide and secure anywhere along the post our product offers infinite height adjustment.


We can do almost anything as we focus on workstation design that meet our client's needs. Hybrid and QUATTRO are not just a workstation system but can be specified as an interior architectural solution for the workplace, such as full-height wall partitions, work walls, architectural details, reception workstations, lighting supports, technology supports, etc.

Hybrid is an open frame system that will accept any material 1/8” – ½” in thickness. This provides an endless means for designers to stylize their environments if they want to explore materials other than our standard.

Installation and reconfiguration

Given only 5 components to our system and the fact that many of the components come already preassembled (i.e. posts with feet and cantilevers already attached) our installation time is 50-75% of the time of most panel systems.

Electrical & Data

In our wire channel below the worksurface where power and data are routed, the electrical harnesses are enclosed in steel BX conduit. This cable provides an electromagnetic shield from the data cables. Each wire channel has 2-4 Data/telecom knock-outs for modular furniture face plates. Every cantilever, worksurface, and wire channel has several openings to allow ample wire flow and management.

The posts also provide a means to bring power down from the ceiling or from a base feed. The same structural post extends to the ceiling that can be the most attractive way to bring power/data into the workstations instead of a separate pole and can look like an add-on.

The 8-wire 4 circuit system is also modular. Simplexes can be easily be snapped on or removed to allow simple power changes. The power modules are double sided which means that the overall cost of powering up Hybrid workstations is substantially less than most panel systems.