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New Safepods

Safepods are lightweight, fully enclosable personal workspaces designed for open plan environments.

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Urgent Emergency Pop-Up Spaces

Urgent Pop-Up Spaces 

Emergency and Disaster Relief!

Our Pop-Up Space system offers rapid set-up and take-down walls, partitions and rooms for urgent , permanent or temporary needs. 

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Covid 19 Healthcare Assessment Booth

Covid 19 Assessment Booth

fluidconcepts Healthcare booths provide a protected space for workers and clients for healthcare screening, transactional, and one to one interactional activities.

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Create an Impressive Office InterioróThe Affordable Way

Itís important to begin every business relationship with a strong first impression. Unfortunately, trying to make this kind of impact with your office usually requires a substantial monetary investment. But not your business. Thatís because youíre a visionary with the courage to do things your way.

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fluidconcepts: Modern Office Furniture Solutions That Meet A New Standard

fluidconcepts continuously strives to surpass the expectations of its clients. Through a highly-customizable process that extends from customer-focused design to post-occupancy evaluation, this office furniture manufacturer provides creative...

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Edge Executive Meeting Tables: Confidence For Your Boardroom

By its nature, an office redesign needs to impress, motivate, and support efficiency and technology. It needs to clearly demonstrate the values of your brand. You only have one chance at a first impression, and it should impact everyone who walks through your doors.

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Fluidconcepts is a leader in manufacturing and supplying creative, modern, and high quality office furniture solutions. Thoughtful experience and leading edge manufacturing techniques combine to form the springboard for our innovative product designs and comprehensive service. Our team is always ready to provide top-tier office furniture, from office table and chairs, to modern furniture set collections with a high level of customization individually tailored according to their preferences.