Fluidconcepts Neocon 2019 Virtual Tour

New Lockers

Check out our new line of Lockers. Whether it is for open plan, locker rooms or lunchrooms we have a large selection of options.

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Urgent Emergency Pop-Up Spaces

Urgent Pop-Up Spaces 

Emergency and Disaster Relief!

Our Pop-Up Space system offers rapid set-up and take-down walls, partitions and rooms for urgent , permanent or temporary needs. 

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Covid 19 Healthcare Assessment Booth

Covid 19 Assessment Booth

fluidconcepts Healthcare booths provide a protected space for workers and clients for healthcare screening, transactional, and one to one interactional activities.

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How To Utilize Protective Desk Screens For Your Business

fluidconcepts is now offering Protective Desk and Counter Screens that are designed specifically to create a transparent barrier between employees and their patients or clients. These screens can be used in a multitude of different ways to keep everyone safe, without isolating them off from each other.

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How To Set Up Your Remote Workforce After Coronavirus Ends

While the Coronavirus pandemic appears to be dropping off, there’s no telling if things will go back to the way they once were. Yes, the traditional office will remain, but expect an increase in remote workers who prefer to do their work off-site, or from home.

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Fluid Concepts Safety Products To Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus is showing signs of a decline, which is good news for a world ravaged by the pandemic over the last few months. Nevertheless, the battle continues. During this time, fluidconcepts is working at the frontlines to provide a number of safety products, most notably our Pop Up Spaces line.

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Fluidconcepts is a leader in manufacturing and supplying creative, modern, and high quality office furniture solutions. Thoughtful experience and leading edge manufacturing techniques combine to form the springboard for our innovative product designs and comprehensive service. Our team is always ready to provide top-tier office furniture, from office table and chairs, to modern furniture set collections with a high level of customization individually tailored according to their preferences.