Fluidconcepts Neocon 2019 Virtual Tour

Fluid @ Neocon 2019

We had a tremendous show this year showcasing many new products.

Take the virtual tour of our space!

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Truss Workbench

Truss workbench is a high performance truss based desking and benching system offering extreme structural stability, flexibility, infinite worksurface and storage height adjustment.

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fluidconcepts Project Profile

Project Spotlight

fluidconcepts provided HSBC with unique curved customer banking solutions making for an improved office experience.

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Top 10 Office Organization Tips For a Clean Workspace

Every office environment is an interconnected machine with a huge number of moving, working parts. Therefore, cleanliness and organization is vital. Today weíre going to take a look at 10 office organization tips that can polish up your workspace.

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The Benefits of an Agile Workspace in 2020

The agile workspace isnít a new concept, but it has only recently been mass-adopted by many companies who recognize the inherent benefits of such a setup, and how it can help boost employee morale while allowing for greater work/life balance.

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Fixed, Demountable and Alterna-Based Office Spaces

When planning out your office space, itís a good idea to analyze whether fixed offices are a better option vs. demountable offices. At first glance, many may think they know the answer, but details matter! Letís take a look at the differences.

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Fluidconcepts is a leader in manufacturing and supplying creative, modern, and high quality office furniture solutions. Thoughtful experience and leading edge manufacturing techniques combine to form the springboard for our innovative product designs and comprehensive service. Our team is always ready to provide top-tier office furniture, from office table and chairs, to modern furniture set collections with a high level of customization individually tailored according to their preferences.