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Bob - The Mobile Office

Meet BOB -
The Complete Mobile Office in a Box

Imagine a completely self-contained turnkey workstation delivered completely assembled
and then wheeled into place and functional in minutes.

BOB comes complete with technology, lighting, lockable storage, work tools, whiteboard and an acoustic tackable panel.
When the workstation is not needed it can be closed up in seconds and/or wheeled into a holding area. This is for
companies requiring frequent changes, real time workstation additions, and real time removal of workstations. Users now
have open plan working spaces which can be completely closed up and locked when they are not being used benefiting from additional space and security.

The footprint of the mobile workstation in its closed state is a mere 48"W x 30"D x 52"H which allows it to fit through standard doorways and easily maneuvered via its heavy duty casters and wide pull handle. The workstation hinges open to enable an ample working space of 60" x 68".

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