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Desking and Benching Systems

When sharing workspace with other employees, Benching and Desking Systems can go a long way towards office organization, communication and style. Our minimalist, yet elegant solutions are great for any office environment, allowing for flexibility within the workspace. Whether it's European-style desking, adjustable storage, workstation solutions or our popular Qi systems, there's plenty of choice when planning the layout for your office environment.

All our Benching and Desking Systems are designed with attention to detail, superb craftsmanship and structural stability to meet and exceed client expectations. Many are modular in either setup or options, allowing you to customize them to your particular office needs and style!

  • Truss Workbench

    Elevate your work! The Truss workbench is a high performance truss based desking and benching system offering extreme structural stability, flexibility, infinite worksurface and storage height adjustment. A new way of thinking and working.specified in a variety of acrylic colors that give Edge a modern, contemporary look.
  • Caseworks

    Caseworks is an architecturally designed laminate workstation and benching system that is easy to plan, specify and install.
  • Edge - Standard

    Edge is a European designed desking, benching and table system that promotes communication and openness in combination with contemporary style.

  • Qi Benching & Desking

    Qi Benching is an contemporary value oriented benching system which offers a wide spectrum of finish, leg, electrical and storage options.
  • Fence

    Fence provides freestanding power, data and space division delivery in open spaces independent of tables and workstations.