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Pulls & Handles
Odyssey Collection-Grade 1
fluidconcepts offers a broad selection of thermo-fused laminates, high pressure laminates and  thermofoil finishes.
We offer a colorful selection of grade 1 fabrics which are all applicable to tackboards, spatial dividers, screens and cushions.
fluidconcepts offers a broad selection of acrylics used for dividers, or upmount dividers
Softscape Acoustic Panels
Softscape Acoustic Felt provide an attractive and economical acoustic solution to screens, tackboards, wall treatment and even hanging acoustic elements in the office.
Pull Handles
We offer a variety of Pull Handles. We also can use any other off-the-shelf handle... so please ask.
Important Note - Powdercoat Paint Finishes are not accurate and are only representative. Always refer to actual finish samples when selecting finishes. Please contact us or your local representative for samples.
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Hardrock Maple Nova White Folkstone Grey
HM- Thermofused Laminate
HPHM- High Pressure Laminate
RTHM-Rigid Thermofoil
NW - Thermofused Laminate
HPNW - High Pressure Laminate
RTNW - Rigid Thermofoil
FG - Thermofused Laminate
HPFG - High Pressure Laminate
RTFG - Rigid Thermofoil
Stainless Calamare Charcoal Graphite
ST- Thermofused Laminate
HPST - High Pressure Laminate
RTST - Rigid Thermofoil
CA- Thermofused Laminate
HPCA - High Pressure Laminate
RTCA - Rigid Thermofoil
CH- Thermofused Laminate

Black Finish Oak Inspiration
BL- Thermofused Laminate
HPBL- High Pressure Laminate
RTBL-Rigid Thermofoil
FO- Thermofused Laminate
HPFO- High Pressure Laminate

IP- Thermofused Laminate
HPIP- High Pressure Laminate

Amati Walnut Shadow Oak Heritage Maple
AW- Thermofused Laminate
HPAW- High Pressure Laminate
RTAW- Rigid Thermofoil

SO- Thermofused Laminate
HPSO- High Pressure Laminate
RTSO- Rigid Thermofoil

HE- Thermofused Laminate

Rustik Cherry Wild Cherry Summer Flame
RU- Thermofused Laminate
HPRU- High Pressure Laminate
RTRU- Rigid Thermofoil

WC- Thermofused Laminate
HPWC- High Pressure Laminate

SU- Thermofused Laminate
HPSU- High Pressure Laminate
RTSU- Rigid Thermofoil

Honduras Mahogany Acacia Concrete Grooves
MH- Thermofused Laminate
HPMH- High Pressure Laminate

AC- Thermofused Laminate
HPAC- High Pressure Laminate

CG- Thermofused Laminate
HPCG- High Pressure Laminate

Ginger - Textured Kindle - Textured Cocoa Bean - Textured
GT- Thermofused Laminate
HPGT- High Pressure Laminate

KD- Thermofused Laminate
HPKD- High Pressure Laminate

CB- Thermofused Laminate
HPCB- High Pressure Laminate

Blackwood - Textured White (W) Silver
BW- Thermofused Laminate
HPBW- High Pressure Laminate

Charcoal Folkstone Grey Vanadium
Warm Brown Black Frosted
Clear Fluted White
Light Blue Red Blue
Orange Loop Medium (Grade1) Satin (7") Loop Small (Grade1) Satin (4")
Tear Drop (Grade1) N1-Nickel Box B1 (Grade1) -Nickel Bar BR1 (Grade1) (8")-Nickel
Full Pull FP1 (Grade 2) -Nickel Syntax-Cocoa Free-Pearl
Syntax-Turquoise Syntax-Flare Syntax-Pewter
Syntax-Camel Syntax-Steel Syntax-Hudson
Free-Graphite Free-Platinum Free-Cocoa
Free-Oasis Free-Evening Free-Orbit
Odyssey-Breeze Odyssey-Skim Odyssey-Linen