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Elevate your work!

The Truss workbench is a high performance truss based desking and benching system offering extreme structural stability, flexibility, infinite worksurface and storage height adjustment. A new way of thinking and working.specified in a variety of acrylic colors that give Edge a modern, contemporary look.

Key Features

1. Unique Truss Design One Truss supports both 24" and/or 30" deep worksurfaces
2. Worksurfaces can be set at seated or standing height or anywhere in between 24"H - 49"H
3. Storage is Truss side mounted at the height where you need it
4. Truss supports spatial dividers, various worktools, and media
5. Electrical & Data Beam provides 8 wire/4 circuit power basefeed or ceiling feed

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  • * List Price shown is based on standard materials and sizes. Please contact your local fluidconcepts dealer or representative for the discount off List Price.

Truss Workbench Video

Fluidconcepts - Truss Workbench from fluidconcepts on Vimeo.